Khukuri Knife is manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and supplier of genuine of the finest and excellent khukuries in Nepal . Khukuri knife has been sending our outstanding khukuries (Gurkha Knife) to numbers of shops all over the world as well in whole our products in Kathmandu .Khukuri Knife manufactures beautiful, simple, but sharp khukuries which have been appreciated for its genuineness by our all our customers all from different parts of the world. The simplicity and beauty of khukuries can not be found elsewhere. We made the best and the finest quality khukuri in wide range of shape and sizes have been manufacturing and selling khukuries for more than a decade.


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Since the origin of Khukuris also Gurkha Knife is Nepal therefore the real blade of Khukuries are offered by Nepal and the Khukuri Knife expertise in the field of Khukuris also Gurkha Knives. The eastern part of Nepal is one of the major sources of Khukuri production. Khukuri Knife has number of factories in eastern part of Nepal from where this real blade known as khukuri comes from. Khukuri Knife has factory at Dhankuta, Dharan, Bhojpur, Chitlang and Chainpur. Since different category of khukuri comes from its special area. Khukuri Knife has its city branch at Thamel. Where you can find the excellent and fine khukuris or Gurkha Knives as you can see in our web site. Our high skilled staffs who have been dedicated to their work from generations are devoted to offer the best and fine quality of khukuri or Gurkha knife to our customers. With a sound manufacturing set up and team of skilled professionals, the Khukuri Knife boasts of offering the best to its clients. The use of skilled craftsmen along with the dedication of employees helps the company achieve a respectable position in the market. Quality is of prime significance at Khukuri Knife. Aiming for complete customer satisfaction and superior product line, the Khukuri Knife is well geared to promote excellence in its area of operation.

Khukuri Knife has been manufacturing khukuries or Gurkha knives and providing khukuries to its customers since 1999. Corporate offices, sales & marketing, customer services, and manufacturing are all under different states of Nepal working hard everyday to continue providing you with the best possible products and services. We strive to satisfy and delight our customers. We stick firmly to certain principles and methods to provide you with the best service we can, while respecting your rights to security and privacy.

Today, Khukuri Knife Company manufactures Khukuris or Gurkha Knives for a loyal and ever growing following of Khukuris or knife users. As we move into the 21st century we are poised for even more exciting opportunities, innovations and ongoing total world class quality. Here at Khukuri Knife we stick to one simple philosophyŚ "Make it simple, make it beautiful, make it sharp, and definitely make it happen."


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